Creating High Performers

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Creating High Performers: 7 Questions to Ask Your Direct Reportsir?t=profegrowtsys-20&l=as2&o=1&a=099094400X

By William Dann with Foreword by Ken Blanchardcover try 3

In Creating High Performers, Bill answers the question that consistently surfaced throughout his forty years of working with leaders: “Have I done all I can to improve performance?”

He developed the 7 questions as the foundation for a critical conversation between leaders and their direct reports…a conversation designed to help end this dilemma. Working through the 7 Questions with their subordinates, leaders gain certainty regarding what is needed to advance the performance and morale of those they supervise.

7 Questions in the News

  • Bill’s recent interview with Jim Rembach of the Fast Leader Show was a terrific success. Listen to it here.
  • Bill was asked to be a guest blogger for the CEO Magazine. To view his post, click here.
  • Bill’s book on the 7 Questions was also the topic for Fortune Magazine’s Ask Annie blog. To read the edition, click here.
  • featured an excerpt from the 7 Questions in their latest edition.  To read it, click here.

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What other’s have said –

“…I love Bill’s book. He introduces 7 Questions you can use to partner with your people for better performance…Use Bill Dann’s good questions, and I guarantee not only that you will become a better leader/manager, but that your people will become better performers.”    – Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Cofounder of the Ken Blanchard Companies

WMD '14-2“A much needed and extremely valuable book every leader, manager and supervisor should read…and reread whenever they are having trouble getting high levels of performance from their people.”     – Gerry Faust, author of Responsible Managers Get Results and founder of Faust Management Corporation

“…a simple but effective approach to some of the most common challegnes we all face as leaders. The 7 Questions is a great tool for leaders at any level, from first time managers all the way to the CEO.”      – Doug Sanders, President and CEO, Sprouts Farmers Markets