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Creating High Performers

Professional Growth Systems is excited to spotlight the 2nd edition of Bill’s terrific book

Creating High Performers: 7 Questions to Ask Your Direct Reports

By William Dann with Foreword by Ken Blanchard

In Creating High Performers, Bill answers the question that consistently surfaced throughout his forty years of working with leaders: “Have I done all I can to improve performance?” Not having certainty on this question often leads to not confronting the sub-standard performance

He developed the 7 questions as the foundation for a critical conversation between leaders and their direct reports…a conversation designed to help end this uncertainty. Working through the 7 Questions with their subordinates, leaders gain an understanding of what is needed to advance the performance, engagement and morale of those they supervise.

What’s new in this 2nd edition?

  • An expanded discussion of why and how the traditional model for supervision is failing
  • A clear definition of a proposed new role of supervisor (people manager) to meet the needs of today’s workforce, including a listing of what products or outcomes a people manager should be delivering
  • How to restart and build a strong working relationship with employees
  • Follow-up questions for each of the 7 Questions to clarify what’s possibly missing that could lead to improved performance
  • Why it is essential to ask the 7 Questions in the context of current performance, i.e., whether it exceeds, meets, or falls below expectations
  • An expanded discussion on how to discern whether poor performance is a Can’t Do or Won’t Do problem and how to solve it
  • A new chapter on how the six ways to employ the 7 Questions for improved organizational performance
  • An expanded Troubleshooting chapter based on challenges/questions of managers that have been trained and coached on the 7 Questions method..

What other’s have said –

“…I love Bill’s book. He introduces 7 Questions you can use to partner with your people for better performance…Use Bill Dann’s good questions, and I guarantee not only that you will become a better leader/manager, but that your people will become better performers.”    – Ken Blanchard, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Cofounder of the Ken Blanchard Companies

WMD '14-2“As a person who has managed nation-wide teams in the Fortune 500, been an owner of an Inc. 500 (#89), and advised senior leadership teams in hundreds of companies I know the difference between good and great when I read it. I only wish I’d had this book 30 years ago. This is truly a great management book”     – Eric Albertson, Executive Coach for Leadership Teams

“How I wish that a copy of William Dann’s little book, Creating High Performers, had been with my keys to the ‘C-Suite’ when I was catapulted from the role of CEO’s assistant to line manager with 9 direct reports, leading a newly created division at the tender age of 31. (I suspect those 9 team members would have appreciated it even more than I.)”      – Walter W. Borton, Communications and Management Consultant

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