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VN Portal User Guide

Vision Navigation is the strategic planning process designed by Professional Growth Systems and the Vision Navigation Portal is our cloud based strategic planning software system. The portal was designed to support the Vision Navigation© strategic planning process.

The Vision Navigation Process

The Professional Growth Systems approach to strategic planning is called Vision Navigation®. In this video, we will walk you through the P.G.S Process and give you a high level overview of how the Vision Navigation® helps you identify and achieve your strategic goals.

Running an Accountability Session

This video is a product of Vision Navigation®. This video will define and describe the Vision Navigation® approach to plan management and  accountability.

3 Keys to Performance on any Strategic Plan

Three keys to performance on any strategic plan this video series will go over the three keys to performance on your strategic plan

Project Initiation Form

In this video i’m going to be walking you through how to access and complete the project initiation form at the project level in your strategic plan

Introduction To Vn Portal

Welcome to this demonstration video on how to use our new vn portal strategic planning tool this tool can be used to develop and manage your organization’s strategic plan