Board Meeting Evaluation Form

The following form was created for governing board members to use at the conclusion of each board meeting in order to review and improve upon its meetings.  The chair should hand the evaluation out to board members at the conclusion of the meeting and collect it as Board Members are leaving.  Prior to the next meeting, the chair should review the evaluations and make recommendations to the full board at the start of the following meeting on potential improvements.  Some improvements will be simple changes while others may require policy to be written.

A similar form and process can be used for any team that meets on a regular basis.  Consider what your goal is as a team.  Why are you meeting? What are your tasks? Then design the questions in a way that will assess how well you are accomplishing that goal.

If you are interested in a PDF version of the following, drop us an email.

Board Meeting Evaluation

Score each of the following statements using a 1-5 scale in which 1=Strongly Disagree and 5=Strongly Agree. Include comments after each as necessary to explain your score.

1. Board members came prepared for the meeting. Score:


2. The Chair was effective in assuring that the meeting was productive.  Score:


3. The Board was able to focus the agenda/discussion/decisions that will add value to our customers and return to the company in the future vs. looking back at previous performance/problems.  Score:


4. The Board was given information of sufficient quantity, quality and timeliness to make effective decisions. Score:


5. There was opportunity for everyone to speak and a lack of dominance by individuals. Score:


6. The CEO was objective in presenting alternatives for our consideration and the pros and cons of each. I did not feel an “agenda” was being pushed.  Score:


7. How could this meeting have been improved by:

  • The Chair:
  • The CEO:
  • Other staff:
  • Other board members:
  • Committees:
  • Myself: