Governing Board Agenda Sample

Use the following sample as a template for designing your board meetings. Several key elements:

  • Outline the timing for each agenda item. If an agenda item is taking more time that allotted, ask the group if they wish to extend the meeting or table it, noting what needs to be handled before the next meeting in order to move forward on the tabled item. Assign that responsibility.
  • Note the action needed for each item and assure it is taken
  • Before adjourning, review commitments made during the meeting and make sure due dates are assigned
  • Evaluate your meeting so that you can build into your next agenda and meeting any needed steps to for better performance as a board.

Agenda – March 12, 2019

Board of Directors – Planning Tools Incorporated

Time / Item / Action Needed

7:00 pm / Invocation

7:05 pm / Opening icebreaker to get group present

7:25 pm / Approval of Agenda / Decision

7:30 pm / Consent Agenda / Decision

  • – Previous Meeting Minutes
  • – CEO’s Report
  • – Finance Committee Report

8:00 pm / Review Progress on Strategic Plan / Discussion

8:45 pm / Break

9:00 pm / Selection of Auditor / Decision

9:20 pm / Change in Health Insurance / Decision

9:35 pm / Lawsuit Against XYZ / Decision

10:05 pm / Timeline to complete Board self evaluation / Discussion

10:15 pm / “Other Business” / Decision

10:25 pm / Review of commitments made during mtg

10:35 pm / Meeting Evaluation and Closing Comments

10:45 pm / Date of Next Meeting & Adjournment