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How Purpose Impacts Culture

A strong sense of purpose impacts culture

I spent the weekend conducting a strategic planning retreat for a client of long standing. We had defined a clear purpose years ago, and the organization has remained steadfast to that purpose ever since.

Those of you with whom I have worked know that I place great importance of clearly defining why the organization exists. One of the points that I stress is that highly motivated and performing employees seek a sense of purpose in their work. A purpose that transcends targets and measures of success. A mission that brings meaning and fulfillment to that success.
While at dinner I encountered compelling evidence of my theory. I struck up a conversation with the new public relations specialist and asked him what he had done previously. He responded that he had been a photographer for the local paper. I then asked how he liked his new position. He responded enthusiastically that he had never been happier. When I asked why, he stated that it was the organization’s strong sense of purpose and his commitment to it that gave work new meaning for him. This coupled with the fact that he felt valued, had made these the best work days of his life.

I rest my case.

Do you have a story about purpose statements and their impact? Send me an e-mail. I would love to hear your experiences.