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Small Investments that Net Big Returns, Part 2

This post #2 sums up our recent post regarding small investments that net big gains. Both posts are the result of a meeting I was in where the speaker mentioned “small investments that net big returns”. I was intrigued, so asked our staff for what they saw as small investments for big return. Not returns as in financial gain. These are returns in time, respect, productivity, etc.

So, with no additional introduction, I give you Part 2 of small investments that net big gain. As with the first set, I encourage you to try these out and send us your results.

  • Investment: have your board of directors implement a Consent Agenda. Return: Huge returns in the reduction of wasted time hashing through agenda items of little or no consequence. Allows the board to focus on its role to set direction and policy, assess progress and provide strategic direction to the CEO.
  • Investment: As begin a new task or project, start by defining your product. Return: Clearly defining your product guides your work and keeps you from straying off track when the road gets long or bumpy.
  • Investment: For leaders, your first priority each day should be to make the decisions, complete the tasks, etc. to meet your commitments to others. Return: Your staff does not have to stop work and wait for action from you to get on with their tasks.  You not only keep the system going, you model integrity and commitment to your team.
  • Investment: When implementing change, focus as much on getting staff comfortable mentally/emotionally with the changes as you do implementing the physical changes. Return: Reduction in sabotage and turnover, not to mention a steadiness in output, confidence of staff and the organization’s culture.
  • Investment: In your meetings, end with a summary of who agreed to do what. Return: Confirms commitments to all present and assures that all team members are leaving with the same understanding of what was accomplished.

That’s finishes out the second half of our small investments for big returns.  What we realized as we discussed these is that the more you talk about them, the more you come up with. What are your top 5 small investments? We are interested in hearing them. Drop us an email to join the conversation.