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Small Investments that Net Big Returns, Part 1

I was in a meeting the other day, and the speaker asked a question that sparked my imagination beyond the topic of the meeting.  He was discussing marketing, but the question really was relevant for any department or task in an organization…or your home for that matter.  The speaker asked “What are the small investments that can net big returns?”

So I asked our crew at PGS for the small investments they have learned over time can net big returns in organizations, and this blog is Part 1 of the summation of what they shared. I encourage you to try a couple of their suggestions in the next few weeks and send us your results.

  • Investment: when a team or relationship is stuck, implement What I Feel Like Saying. Return: the rules inherent in the tool demand a level of listening, waiting and responding that is often missing in normal conversation, typically resulting in resolved problems, realignment of the team and reduction of confusion.
  • Investment: meet bi-weekly on your strategic plan. Return: Accountability for results, problem-solving and correction/updating of the plan on a timely basis.  Greatly improves completion rates and success of your strategic projects.
  • Investment: Implement Rules of the Game for your team. Return: Rules of the Game is a simple listing and commitment to the rules team members agree to operate within. Using the rules prevents many upsets as all members hold to them, and gives the team, particularly the leader, grounds to call out and correct members when they do not.
  • Investment: As a leader, for every 1 word you speak, listen to 7 from others. Return: You will learn a tremendous amount about your organization, and you will find that you are listened to with far greater commitment and respect from your team and staff. In addition, the more you listen to staff, the more good ideas will be shared for how to make small improvements, as you will be known as a leader who listens with genuine interest.
  • Investment: In meetings, start on time and end on time, regardless of who is in attendance. Return: People will ultimately show up on time and become more efficient in their discussions.

That’s the first half of our list. You can read the 2nd half here. As we went talked through them, they multiplied.  Seems there are many small investments we can make that net big returns. What are some of yours? We would love to learn what has worked for you. Drop us an email to join the conversation.