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When a Discovery Assessment Adds the Most Value

PGS’ Discovery Assessment is gaining momentum with a variety of clients for a variety of reasons.  We wanted to take a step back and look at why leaders are choosing it so that we know when it can add the most value for other organizations in the thick of things. First a quick primer. The Discovery Assessment is a short, 10-15 minute survey that staff from every level of an organization can complete. The survey is quick and confidential, made up of multiple choice and Likert scale questions. Once all recommended staff have completed the survey, PGS staff gather the results and run them through a scoring rubric that will provide the organization with scores on 10 different aspects of organizational health – aspects like structure and policy, strategy, supervision, etc. We provide leadership with a Discovery Report and review with them the scores and most promising areas they have for unlocking the organization’s potential. All of that is completed at no cost to the client.

So back to the original question. Aside from the price point, what is the motivation for a variety of C-suite executives to choose a Discovery Assessment with increasing interest? We found 3 key reasons and want to share them with our readers in case one of them resonates with you and your organization.

Untapped PotentialFirst reason: leaders want to identify where the greatest untapped potential is in their organization. Untapped potential can come in the form of staff capabilities, creativity and skills that are underutilized. It can also be systems that are broken or simply not optimized, supervisor skills that are sub-part, or a competitive edge that is unnoticed. Through the Discovery Assessment, we can show leaders where the greatest potential is and help them take the needed steps to unleash it.

Second reason: Management often brings in the Discovery Assessment to solve a nagging problem they can’t quite pinpoint. The assessment provides the knowledge which problem is causal and where to start in implementing a solution. Completion of a Discovery Assessment provides leadership with the wisdom needed to focus their efforts both effectively and efficiently. With the assessment results in place, we can help leadership identify the root cause(s) and find the best tools for a solution.

Third reason: a leader asks us to deliver a specific tool from our toolbox like strategic planning, process improvement or supervisor training. A tailored Discovery Assessment has become our go-to starting point to determine if the necessary pre-conditions exist in the organization for the tool to be successful. As a consultant of process and tools, we win when our clients win. So, if the tools a client chooses don’t provide the result expected, we both lose. Instead of searching for reasons at the back-end, after a failure, the Discovery Assessment provides data at the beginning that help us to identify any changes in the culture, environment, policy, etc. that are needed for the tools to be effective.

Although each organization we work with is unique in many ways, these three reasons consistently surface as to why leaders are increasingly seeking out the Discovery Assessment regardless of the type of organization. What is your situation? Does your staff or organization have untapped potential, and you don’t know where to start? Or are you facing a thorny problem and aren’t convinced that you know the root cause? Perhaps you already know the tool you want to use and the change you want to make, but want to either verify that conditions are prime for its success or know what needs to be done to get them there. A Discovery Assessment is your first step for zeroing in on the best tools to use and changes to make. We would be happy to discuss its potential in your organization. Contact us to get started.