Fairbanks Concert Association Strategic Planning

The Fairbanks Concert Association (FCA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring a diverse, exciting selection of performing artists to the Fairbanks, Alaska area from all over the world. The organization focuses on creating opportunities that the entire community can share and enjoy, through both performances and outreach events.

Short Description

The Fairbanks Concert Association used Vision Navigation® strategic planning to meet and exceed many goals with great success.


Doug Johnson was asked by FCA board member and long-time client of PGS, Mike Powers, to assist the Association with strategic planning. The FCA had done planning before, however, “the previous plans were too vague, generalized. They had no sense of movement. We just put them in a box, then later said, ‘we did that’.” – Anne Biberman, ED

Critical Issue

The FCA needed to maintain its services within a tight budget, but also wanted to expand its offerings to a more diverse cut of the Fairbanks population. Their desire was to grow as a valued member of the community, become the hub for artists, and reach a wider, more varied audience.


  • A new ticketing system.
  • A better copywriting system.
  • Better staffing through contract staff.
  • Audience development.

PGS Provided

Using Vision Navigation®, PGS provided a chart and written plan on how the FCA could achieve its goals for the year. Doug monitored and provided feedback throughout the plan year, and PGS production staff provided regular updates to the materials.


The ticketing system is now online. “I think it could be the single biggest step forward our organization has taken in its history.” (Anne Biberman, ED)

The new copywriter is in place as are several contract staff who are working out tremendously well.

The FCA brought the first ever non-musical play from out of state and introduced a series of talks that resulted in the project as a whole netting much more than anticipated. Because of the approach to the production, the audience who attended either the play or talks included many who were not customary patrons of the FCA.

Says Anne, “The strength of the plan and how it works is invaluable. We don’t just check it off, we move on it, and that is invaluable. I have confidence in the process so I can relax. I can restructure the plan to make it work on new projects. We have been able to move the organization forward because of the plan. I have never seen this come out of strategic planning in a lifetime of working in non-profits.”