Healthcare Project Management Case Study

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH) has been in existence providing healthcare to the greater Fairbanks region for over 40 years. Their mission is to: Make a difference in people’s lives & advance the health of our community through excellent patient & resident care. Professional Growth Systems has had the opportunity to work with many of the departments and staff of FMH over the years. Below is a case study describing how good project management tools can be used successfully in a wide variety of healthcare projects.

Short Description

A case study describing how project management tools can be used successfully in a wide variety of healthcare projects over a span of 20 years.


Mike Powers, CEO of Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, has brought in Doug Johnson and the Dynamic Planning™ process well over 20 times in the past 20+ years for a wide range of healthcare-related projects

Critical Issue

When asked about the critical issue, Mike wrote: “Typically, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital will reach out to (PGS) to help organize and plan a multidisciplinary, multidimensional healthcare project, which recognizes the need for new approaches to problem solving.”


Projects over the years have included:

  • building a state of the art cardiac catheterization lab
  • developing an integrated, comprehensive diabetes education program
  • enhancing the volunteer services program
  • establishing a neurosurgical program
  • transition of leadership in the quality department

PGS Provided

“Doug/PGS is able to bring together fresh perspectives, to gather relevant information systematically, to consider a broad range of issues and factors, and to help lay out a problem solving road map under conditions of uncertainty.

I am most appreciative of the way Dynamic Planning™ brings a sense of clarity and direction, with the high pay-off strategies and pathways systematically identified and prioritized.” – Mike Powers, CEO


“Without PGS, the situation would likely grow more confusing, less creative, and clearly less strategic. PGS’ Dynamic Planning™ process brings clarity to complexity and ambiguity.” – Mike Powers, CEO

One of the participants in a cardiology Dynamic Planning™ had this to say: “This is the third or fourth (Dynamic Planning™) session that I have been involved with, and each time regardless of the audience, the results are the same: a high quality plan with people who are responsible to make it happen.”