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Introducing the Vision Navigation® Portal

Vision Navigation® strategic planning has been the flagship product of PGS for almost 40 years. Although there have been many revisions, additions and updates, the main component of VN, the Vision Navigation® chart has remained largely unchanged. Why? 

  • The vision, purpose and main strategies to grow the organization can be easily seen on one sheet of paper
  • The specific tasks to be completed for each strategic or improvement project are laid out by quarter and, again, can be easily viewed all on one sheet of paper
  • The strategic plan and VN chart can be changed, rearranged and updated throughout the plan year.
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In a nutshell, the chart is easy to use and presents the strategic work of the organization in a framework that can be viewed, shared, marked-up and revised, making it a living and valuable tool in leadership’s toolbox. 

The one issue with Vision Navigation® that has been a sticking point over the years, particularly as the world becomes more and more digitized and working virtually becomes the new standard, is that the VN chart and plan are not digital.

Let us introduce you to the VN Client Portal, PGS’ latest hallmark update to Vision Navigation®.  Not only can a team see their outcomes chart online, they can view the list of tasks to be completed for a particular outcome, message another team member to ask a question or collaborate virtually, update progress and percentages complete, and set reminders for themselves. 

Our VN Portal is Vision Navigation® for the digital age, a virtual strategic plan.  Can you still have the printed chart to hang on the boardroom wall and bring to shareholder meetings?  Absolutely! You can still color in the completed outcomes with a highlighter, write notes and changes, and keep the hard copy chart current and alive, all while you are moving outcomes around and putting notes in digitally on your VN Portal. 

How does it work? 

The Portal is a project management system that allows you and your team to access all aspects of your strategic plan in one place. As you build your plan with PGS – either during in-person planning sessions or virtually – we build your VN Portal online. Once your plan launches you simply log in to your organization’s individual VN portal and execute your plan.

The Portal allows for automatic progress updates, communication between individuals collaborating on the project, and instant updates as you complete project tasks. You can also use the Portal to manage your day to day projects and short term goals.  

The Portal gives instant access to updates and changes so it’s easier to track progress and see accomplishment in real time. One of the most popular components is the auto update feature that notifies everyone on the plan when someone makes changes or updates a task. The VN portal keeps everyone aware of progress and encourages accountability.

How has the VN portal been received so far? 

We have piloted the VN portal with both large and small organizations. Private businesses, major public institutions, non-profit organizations, and state agencies have all successfully created their Vision Navigation® with us and are using the VN Portal to track their progress, collaborate and schedule their strategic work virtually. The initial response has been positive. Using new software always has a learning curve, but our clients have found the VN portal to be both intuitive and easy to navigate. 

Want to find out more about the VN Portal and how to use it with your organization. Contact us for a free consultation.