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Healthcare Process Improvement

Process Improvement in healthcare delivers better care at lower costs

Lean, innovation, change. The buzzwords around improvement are plenty. Can your processes be changed to improve patient care and help the bottom line? Answer: yes.

How? Finding the few critical processes on which to concentrate change management efforts can generate a 20 to 50% improvement in those processes, and tremendously impact your patient and employee satisfaction as well as your bottom line. We have seen it happen.

OK…but how?

We use Process Advantage®, a change management toolbox we can share with you. You will start with a look at your organization as a whole, then break it down. What are the systems in play? Where are the handoffs? Where is there duplication of efforts or waste of resources?

You will learn how to flowchart your processes, identify the problems, find innovative solutions and implement them successfully. Learn more about the tool here.

We can guarantee your success

Discovering the potential in your organization for a successful change initiative is the first step in Process Advantage®. Frankly, we won’t partner with you if key success factors are not present. We won’t take you on a journey you are not able to finish.

To find your organization’s potential for change, take our short assessment. We will respond to you with recommendations on what you can do to better assure a successful result in your change program.
Or you can begin with a free consultation. A 30 minute phone call can start you on the road to seeing a stronger bottom line, higher quality care and more engaged and satisfied employees. Contact us to find out more.