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Healthcare Project Management

Good healthcare project management maximizes scarce resources

This is the third or forth session that I have been involved with and each time, regardless sof the audience, the results are the same. A high quality plan with people who are responsible to make it happen.

–  Participant, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Cardiology Department”

Healthcare project management requires the ability to monitor multiple tracks of activity simultaneously in order to complete a complex project on time and on budget. You and your staff have the knowledge, but do you have the tools to make your project a reality?

Recent client projects have included implementation of electronic medical records, enhancement of a clinic billing system, development of a comprehensive diabetes education program, and building a cardiology clinic. All came to fruition, all on time and all on budget. For a case study on a large scale healthcare project, click here.

Global view and critical detail in one picture

Our approach, Dynamic Planning®, produces a visual chart of activity from project start to completion. So you get the sweeping view you need to monitor the whole project easily, as well as the detailed picture that includes critical accountability for results. To learn more about Dynamic Planning, click here.

A free consultation

Not sure if your project is a good candidate for Dynamic Planning®? We can listen to your needs, describe our process and let you determine if we are the right fit for your project. E-mail or call us at 907-276-4414 to set up a conversation.