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Board Development

I gained a clear understanding of management and board roles. I will feel more confident to participate fully in our meetings.”

Manillaq Board of Directors

Good governance results in great organizations

What is good governance?

A board of directors has a responsibility to the shareholders, customers and other stakeholders to assure that the organization they represent and lead is healthy. Is your board practicing good governance? Or does your board struggle with these issues:

  • Micro-management
  • Ineffective meetings
  • Inability to understand financial and other reports
  • Unclear policies

We have a set of tools that clearly define the role of board vs. management and effectively teach your board how to carry out their role effectively.

What is at stake?

Without good tools and a clear understanding of their role, organizations suffer.  It may be as simple as the organization not operating as effectively and efficiently as it can. Or it may be as drastic as the organization closing its doors.  Governance is that essential.

Are you interested in improving your governing board? We have many options to help. From free articles to on-line courses to facilitated trainings, we have the tools for your board to succeed.

Below are links to our most popular offerings. We also encourage you to ask us a question and to visit our sister website, for additional information.

Robert’s Rule of Order

We offer a useful guideline to this often-misunderstood meeting management tool. To receive your copy as well as other valuable tools and learning for governing boards, sign up for our BoardGrowth monthly newsletter. We will forward our article on Robert’s Rules of Order to your e-mail address.

Micromanagement Assessment

Micromanagement is a critical issue that plagues many organizations. Our assessment helps you to identify your organization’s risk. We will send you tools and information based on your responses to coach you through ridding your board of micromanaging. Take the online assessment.

Board Meeting Agenda Template Sample

We have found that this simple tool is one of the most sought after by boards. Click here to view and download a sample for a board meeting agenda that you use as a template to create your board meeting agendas. View a Governing Board Agenda Sample.

how can we help you?

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“The Aleutians East Borough has used the PGS strategic planning method for the last 4 years. The process has increased the Borough’s productivity and resulted in overall improvements in team performance and engagement. The PGS Approach has also allowed us to successfully manage substantial multi-year projects efficiently and effectively.”

Anne Bailey
AEB Administrator