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Process Improvement

“Two years ago, we heard from our customers: ‘We want to get in and out faster. We hate coming to NAC. We don’t want to be there because it takes so long. We don’t get those kinds of complaints anymore.”

Dave Squier, Northern Air Cargo

Lean, innovation and change

  • Are you dealing with too many internal or external customer complaints?
  • Are you experiencing high costs due to errors and employee turnover?
  • Do your processes fail to deliver the needed results consistently?
  • Does your staff have great ideas, but no clear method to implement them?

Lean isn’t enough – you eliminate waste but fail to transform the process. Innovation isn’t enough – you create the new, but build it on top of a broken foundation.  What is clear is that change is needed, lean is needed and innovation is needed. How do you put them together?

Your employees hold the key

In every case we have worked in, the employees doing the work not only hold the key to innovation and lean waste reduction, but they truly want to improve the processes. How do you harness their passion and their wisdom?

A better tool for change

Put your front-line staff on a team, train them with easy to use tools, then get out of their way. You will see dramatic results: significant reductions in time and money to complete processes, improved customer and employee satsifaction, the elimination of waste.

“In my role in IT, I have been involved in process improvement projects for 20 years. I have experienced Six Sigma, the McKinsey Value Stream and TQM approaches. Most recently, I have had two experiences with the process improvement approach practiced by Professional Growth Systems. I have found their process to be the most thorough and offering the best odds for successful change. There are numerous reasons but, in the main, it is because of PGS’s continuous involvement and the ownership of the design and implementation process by those doing the work. I have already experienced one highly successful implementation using the PGS method and am in the middle of what I believe will be another. Their approach is different and it really works.”

Dwight Jew, IT Business Integration Manager, Koniag, Inc.

What are the “easy tools”?

At PGS, we call the tools Process Advantage® – the best of Lean, Innovation and Process Improvement melded together, and guaranteed. Your staff team will assess customer needs, identify the process rubs or problems, innovate out-of-the-box solutions, and implement them successfully. We stand by them through each step to assure it is successful.

Does Process Advantage® Work

Ask our clients –

“Process Advantage® process works. We are a bureaucracy in spades. People on the front line have been starved for making improvements. That is the way to get to positive change in organizations, i.e. thru the front line employees who have seen the need for change and have been waiting to make it.”

Chris Hladick, AK DCCED Licensure Process

Every group we’ve completed the change management process with has been able to recreate their process to deliver at least a 50 percent improvement in performance.  To read some case studies on Process Advantage®, click here.

How to get started

If you are interested in finding out more about Process Advantage® and if it is a good fit for your organization, contact us. Our first step is to assess your organization’s potential and readiness for change. We won’t start unless we know you can win, because we guarantee our work with you. We hope to hear from you and to see what Process Advantage® can help you create and accomplish!

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