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Project Management

Tackle your impossible project

“The day to day issues take my focus away.  Without a document like this to bring me back to the task at hand and keep me focused we would never make it.”

Susan Cox, Camai Community Health Center

Do you have a large-scale project looming on the horizon? Do you know how you will manage the work to complete the project on-time and on-budget? What happens if you don’t?

If you are looking at a huge project and don’t have a clue where to begin, you are not alone.  Any successful project starts with a clear map defining what to do, who will do it and when it will be done. Sounds simple…and really, it is.

Your team has all the information to complete your project – the knowledge, talents and skills as well as the ability to find the knowledge and skills that are missing. Your task is extracting that knowledge, putting it down in a cohesive one-page project map and then following it through to a successfully completed project. If you don’t know where to start, we can help.


A project management solution on one page

Here is how others like you have completed their projects – by using a tool developed to extract the team’s knowledge, then organize and give it back in a one page, visual map. The Dynamic Plan® is a one page chart that shows the flow of tasks, the individuals responsible, and the due dates. We help you each step of the way to assure you are successful.

Interested in learning more.  Begin by looking at the articles listed below. Both will give you more insight into how to tackle your large-scale project.  If you want some real-world examples, read some project management case studies about the organizations who have completed Dynamic Planning® and learn how it worked for them, click here.  If you have specific questions, contact us for pricing and options for your next project.


“Dynamic Planning helped me look at the project globally as well as the detail. Allowed me to see many viewpoints from very talented co-workers.”

– State of Alaska, Department of Medical Assistance

Project Management Skills

Want to learn more about project management? From our experience working with clients, we have learned five essential skills to keep your project moving forward.  Read our library article Project Management Skills to learn more.

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Project Management Template

What does a good project management template include that best supports getting the work done? Learn what is needed and ideas on creating your template in our library article Project Management Template

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