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PGS’ Industry Spotlight

Partnering with clients for extraordinary results is our expertise.

Over the years PGS products have found success in a very wide variety of organizations, from a local air cargo carrier to a national grocery store chain, from a renowned California winery to a global oil company. Amongst all of these uniquely individual organizations, a wide variety of industry groups have emerged that have shared characteristics. We wanted to spotlight a few of them here for people searching for a plan or process that will meet some industry specific needs. If you don’t find your unique industry here, don’t worry. Our focus is to bring tools and processes that drive groups to work productively together and to create solutions that work for their specific needs, regardless of the industry. And if you do find your industry below, click on the link to see how PGS tools fit in solving some of the issues common those organizations.

  • law

    Small to Mid-Size Businesses

    This spotlight might appear to lump mismatched organizations under one industry. However, our PGS tools are a great match to the needs, priorities and goals small to mid-size businesses share regardless of their product or service.

  • law

    Healthcare / Healthcare Research

    With experience in everything from rural Alaskan Native village clinics to internationally known cancer treatment centers, healthcare is a forte of PGS.

  • largecorporations

    Higher Education

    With our passion for continuous learning, working with institutions in higher education is a natural fit for us.

  • smallbusiness

    Community and Economic Development

    A more recent industry group for us, the unique needs and goals of these organizations seem tailored for PGS products and services.

  • nativeamericanbusinesses

    Native American Organizations

    The Alaskan Native regional and village corporations include many of the clients with whom PGS developed its original tools in the 1980s, and are still a deep passion of the PGS crew.

  • medicalservices


    We have conducted highly successful strategic planning processes with a variety of government agencies, and the resulting product of a Process Advantage engagement became the model for welfare mgmt. in multiple states nationwide.

  • workgroup


    As with the Native American Organizations, non-profits are both a passion and a long-standing client group for PGS.