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Andrea GarrelsConsultant

Andrea has been part of the Professional Growth Systems team for over 30 years. She began her association with Bill and Doug in 1992 as Quality Officer of what was then the small Valley Hospital in Palmer, Alaska.  After 2 years working as the hospital liaison with PGS, she officially joined the staff and moved into the Anchorage office in 1994.

Though she was initially grooming to be an on-site consultant, the birth of her first child and subsequent move to North Carolina led Andrea into just about every other facet of PGS while working from home long before it was the norm.  She has acted as the head of Quality for the entire tenure and has logged many hours talking with clients on the products, sessions and use of PGS tools in their organizations.

Recent years have found her working on the PGS website content, marketing efforts, blog posts and the like.  She has studied trends in inbound marketing, worked with the many sides of Linked-In and Twitter, and learned enough HTML coding to get by in a pinch.

Her favorite work, however, has been the 25+ years working on PGS product development efforts as well as her work via phone, email and Skype with clients. Her skills tend toward simplifying the complex, and she uses that in clients’ Instrument Panels and in creating tools and handouts for a wide variety of old and new products at PGS. She has completed a wide range of surveys and CEO evaluations with clients, and thoroughly enjoys the one-on-one time with board members and staff that each evaluation requires.

When not working from her home office, Andrea loves to explore the backroads of Tennessee on the back of her husband’s motorcycle, spend time with her boys when she can catch them at home, or simply sip sweet tea on the front porch swing.

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Partnering with Professional Growth Systems has been transformative for Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. John and his team have brought an unparalleled level of expertise and dedication to our strategic planning endeavors over the several decades that we’ve worked with them. They don’t just facilitate meetings; they foster an environment of open dialogue, allowing us to critically assess our strengths and identify areas for improvement to enact meaningful change in our organization.

The introduction of the Vision Navigation Software has been a game-changer in managing multiple volunteer working groups. Its intuitive design and seamless integration into our workflow have enhanced our ability to track progress, collaborate in real-time, and adapt our strategies dynamically. The software’s features, such as automatic progress updates and virtual collaboration tools, have made it easier for our team and volunteers to stay aligned and accountable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Professional Growth Systems and their Vision Navigation Software. They have been invaluable partners in our strategic journey, guiding us through the complexities of growth and innovation with confidence and clarity.

Jenna Wright
, Anchorage Economic Development Center (AEDC)

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