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Doug JohnsonFounder/Consultant


As President and CEO of Professional Growth Systems for the last 28 years, Doug has worked with every type of organization – from municipal court systems to large city hospitals to small village corporations. His background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, which he combined with his love of the outdoors as a life-long resident of Anchorage.

Doug is passionate about helping organizations succeed and flourish, from the early stages of entrepreneurship and development throughout the lifecycle of the company. During his tenure at PGS, Doug Johnson has helped a wide spectrum of companies with performance improvement initiatives. He served as a consultant in the launch of Alaska’s first biotechnology company. He has worked with scientists from Stanford Research Institute to commercialize new technology, led multifaceted governmental performance improvement initiatives and has assisted the oil industry in becoming “safer, cleaner, better,” in positioning themselves for the 21st century.

Doug leads the Professional Growth Systems Product Innovation Team and, as such, he is committed to continually educating himself in performance improvement by studying the work of “practicing masters.” He has studied the writings of, and participated in educational events conducted by those considered the leaders of our time, such as W. Edwards Deming, Michael Hammer and Clayton Christensen.

When not working at PGS, Doug is an avid skier, traveler and private pilot.

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“Working with John Gregoire and the team at Professional Growth Systems has been a game-changer as we’ve revamped our strategic plan for 2024-2029. John has been hands-on, engaging with everyone from our Board, to our Executive Team, to our frontline staff and community stakeholders. He helped our agency articulate our strengths and identify areas for growth.

Professional Growth Systems didn’t just run workshops—they created environments where we could ask tough questions and have real conversations as a team. Their tailored approach allowed us to set a pace that felt right for our agency, not rushing decisions but making steady progress towards goals.

Even after finalizing our plan, John has continued to provide support and guidance as we move toward implementation. I highly recommend Professional Growth Systems—they’re more than just facilitators; they’re invaluable partners in our journey.”

Robin Dempsey
Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Social Services

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