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John GregoireConsultant/CEO


Meet our CEO
John is a seasoned facilitator that brings a suite of training and development tools to the PGS table.
He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Alaska Anchorage
focusing on Small Group Communication Psychology and a Masters of Education in Student
Development Administration from Seattle University.

John’s work brought him through the ranks of the training world, from his position as Assistant Director of Student Leadership at UAA through a Learning and Development Career Specialist with Southcentral Foundation to his recent run as owner of his own consulting firm. After a ten year career in higher education at the University of Alaska John ventured into the private sector joining the Target Corporation team that brought three new stores to the Alaska market. John then transitioned to Southcentral Foundation where he developed employee career pathways, an organizational succession plan, and multiple annual all staff training sessions. John has developed employee training programs, facilitated strategic planning, and provided executive coaching and leadership development.

John opened his first consulting firm IGO in 2013 where he applied his interest in active and
experiential learning to build a fully codified team building and work culture toolkit that he has used
to improve work environments, enhance functional teams, and develop individual leaders within a
wide variety of organizations. In 2016 John joined the PGS team where he applied his past
experiences to existing PGS tools and methods resulting in significant improvements to processes
and enhanced outcomes for our clients.

In January of 2020 John assumed the role of CEO and purchased PGS from the founding partners
Bill Dann and Doug Johnson. John is eager to expand on the foundational practices developed over
the last 30 years through a commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

When not working at PGS, John thoroughly enjoys exploring Alaska with his wife and two children.

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“The Aleutians East Borough has used the PGS strategic planning method for the last 4 years. The process has increased the Borough’s productivity and resulted in overall improvements in team performance and engagement. The PGS Approach has also allowed us to successfully manage substantial multi-year projects efficiently and effectively.”

Anne Bailey
AEB Administrator

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