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Partnering with Professional Growth Systems has been transformative for Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. John and his team have brought an unparalleled level of expertise and dedication to our strategic planning endeavors over the several decades that we’ve worked with them. They don’t just facilitate meetings; they foster an environment of open dialogue, allowing us to critically assess our strengths and identify areas for improvement to enact meaningful change in our organization.

The introduction of the Vision Navigation Software has been a game-changer in managing multiple volunteer working groups. Its intuitive design and seamless integration into our workflow have enhanced our ability to track progress, collaborate in real-time, and adapt our strategies dynamically. The software’s features, such as automatic progress updates and virtual collaboration tools, have made it easier for our team and volunteers to stay aligned and accountable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Professional Growth Systems and their Vision Navigation Software. They have been invaluable partners in our strategic journey, guiding us through the complexities of growth and innovation with confidence and clarity.

Jenna Wright
, Anchorage Economic Development Center (AEDC)