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Providing tools tailored to your specific needs

Is your current strategic plan an active management tool in your leadership toolbox? Have you gathered the essential customer data and defined the appropriate work team for your change strategy? Is your board actively adding value or are they interrupting the flow of work?

Each of these questions can open the door to developing better skills, adopting different tools or learning new information. We have developed three short assessments that give us information about what is working and what is not in your current strategic plan, change initiative or board of directors. From your answers, we can send you information, articles or tools that can help you shift the momentum in a new direction.

The right assessment for you

PGS assessments are designed to be simple and provide actionable results. When you complete our online assessment forms you will get your results as well as customized suggestions to help you and your organization realize potential.

Strategic Planning Assessment

This assessment focuses on your current strategic plan and asks questions about how the tool is used and what it includes.

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Change Management Assessment

This assessment focuses on the essential elements of a successful change initiative or process improvement project.

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Micromanagement Assessment

This assessment focuses on the most common issue we run into in our work with governing boards, micromanagement.

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Take one assessment or take all three. Each has a different focus and goal, and each brings different feedback from our capable staff at PGS.

Questions? Let us know. If not, click on the links above to begin the assessment process. Each assessment takes about 5 minutes to complete. Within a couple days, you will have a personal response from one of our staff with an article or tool to help you move forward.

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