Strategic Planning

PGS customizes their approach to planning based on your organizational needs and goals.Our two primary approaches are Vision Navigation and Dynamic Planning.

Vision Navigation © is a comprehensive strategic planning process that creates organizational alignment and establishes actionable plans to reach future goals. Our methodology has delivered  consistent results for our clients.

Dynamic Planning © is a proven project management solution. Our process creates alignment, decreases errors, and maximizes efficiency in achieving critical outcomes


Introducing the Vision Navigation® Portal

Vision Navigation® strategic planning has been the flagship product of PGS for almost 40 years. Although there have been many revisions, additions and updates, the main component of VN, the Vision Navigation chart has remained largely unchanged. Why?  The vision, purpose and main strategies to grow the organization can be easily seen on one sheet

Stay on Track with Your Strategic Plan during the Pandemic AND After

Strategic plans can be a challenge to keep active and at the forefront of a management team’s efforts in their day to day work. This is particularly true in the midst of all that has happened worldwide in the last few months with the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you inspire and motivate employees to continue

Board Micromanagement of the Organization’s Strategy

by Bill Dann Recently we had a leader in the banking world complete a micromanagement assessment on our website.  The question echoed one I have heard many times before, so felt the response might be valuable for sharing with our readers. The primary area of concern with the board in question was their failure to

A Message from the CEO: Overcoming Overwhelming Crisis

By John Gregoire, CEO Like most of the world, I entered my office two weeks ago to a completely changed business environment. At first, I did what any responsible business owner would do and cancelled or postponed all meetings and events for the next 30 days. Calling people to cancel resulted in a day of

The Synergy of Three Key Tools

In prior blogs and newsletters, I have made the case that having a “3 legged stool of effective governance” (comprised of the strategic plan, sound policy and the right data for evaluation) is the secret to avoiding the dreaded micro-management that derails so many board-CEO relationships. What I hadn’t talked about before is how these

Leadership Series: Understand Your True Condition

My consistent experience as a leader and consultant is that what I don’t see is what is killing me.  If I can’t or won’t see it, I can’t confront and solve it.  It continues to bedevil me. I first came upon this when trying out an organizational diagnostic tool I was considering using with clients. 

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