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Successfully implementing a strategic plan, change initiative, large project, etc. doesn’t happen by simply attending two-day training session. It didn’t with any of the client case studies we have included here (see below), and it can’t at your organization either.

To see results takes work and follow-through from the first tentative step all the way through until the project is complete, process is improved or vision is achieved.

What can you expect from partnering on a solution with PGS?
  • Tools that are easy to use and get you your product
  • Follow up that continues throughout the entire process until you are satisfied with the results.

Read through a few samples below of past client projects to understand how PGS can partner with you to deliver real results, guaranteed.

Customer Satisfaction Example

Research beyond the business plan

Assisted by the tools in Process Advantage®, the State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development made improvements to the physician licensing process that have helped to ensure the health care facilities in Alaska are able to fill critical position vacancies with no unnecessary delay.

PGS’ strategic planning process for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance involved 23 complex strategic analyses, confrontation and understanding of internal issues and development of a process to prioritize and distribute funding that was amenable to 23 distinct programs.

Beginning in 2012 the University of Alaska at Fairbanks used Process Advantage to institutionalize process improvement campus-wide.

The Anchorage Downtown Partnership brought in Vision Navigation® and Reorganization to solve ongoing staff issues and inspire a new vision for the ADP.

The Fairbanks Concert Association used Vision Navigation® strategic planning to meet and exceed many goals with great success.

A case study describing how project management tools can be used successfully in a wide variety of healthcare projects over a span of 20 years.

How the Anchorage EDC worked to clarify its vision and organize the AEDC structure to achieve its goals. A description of the tools and processes used.

A sound strategic plan sets the long-term course for the organization, identifies key initiatives and defines accountability for results. In healthcare, a sound strategic plan is critical. PGS’ Vision Navigation® is the premier strategic planning tool that delivers these goals to your organization.

The Alaska Division of Public Assistance had to reorganize and restructure its welfare program or be penalized. Read how they succeeded.

A project management case study from the University of Alaska School of Nursing, challenged to double its graduating class size to meet demand.

A strategic planning case study from the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Institute. How they became aligned and move toward a unified vision.

A case study describing how a large airfreight carrier used change management techniques to streamline and optimize its receiving process.

A case study on the successful strategic planning process the University of AK used to increase the number of graduating Native RN’s in the state.

how can we help you?

Contact Professional Growth Services.We look forward to an opportunity to learn about your organization and how we can help you improve its performance.

“Working with John Gregoire and the team at Professional Growth Systems has been a game-changer as we’ve revamped our strategic plan for 2024-2029. John has been hands-on, engaging with everyone from our Board, to our Executive Team, to our frontline staff and community stakeholders. He helped our agency articulate our strengths and identify areas for growth.

Professional Growth Systems didn’t just run workshops—they created environments where we could ask tough questions and have real conversations as a team. Their tailored approach allowed us to set a pace that felt right for our agency, not rushing decisions but making steady progress towards goals.

Even after finalizing our plan, John has continued to provide support and guidance as we move toward implementation. I highly recommend Professional Growth Systems—they’re more than just facilitators; they’re invaluable partners in our journey.”

Robin Dempsey
Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Social Services

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