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Who we are

Professional Growth Systems (PGS) started in 1970 to assist emerging Native health corporations in rural Alaska take responsibility for providing their own health care.

Today, as a premiere organizational consulting resource for executives, governing boards and management teams throughout the United States, PGS has grown to include a client base in many diverse industry sectors. The unique challenges of those early days have led to the development of a set of organizational tools that are highly effective and easily learned/executed.

Although we have clients, as well as staff, throughout the lower 48, we take special pride in our Alaskan history and heritage. We understand the unique business climate of Alaska – both for-profit and non-profit. If you are an Alaskan business, we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Learn more about our Alaskan business consulting.

The History of Professional Growth Systems

Bill Dann, president and founder of PGS, spent 11 years building and directing the Norton Sound Health Corporation before leaving in 1981 to consult with health care organizations across Alaska. He formed a partnership called Dann & Associates, moved from Nome to Anchorage, and started conducting feasibility studies, developing regional health care plans, and structuring organizations.

In the mid 1980s, Dann & Associates switched its focus from building health organizations to truly understanding and improving the dynamics and performance of an organization, and Professional Growth Systems (PGS) was born. In the mid-80’s, Doug Johnson brought his project planning methodology, Dynamic Planning®, to the organization in a marketing alliance that quickly evolved into a partnership.

Our Team of Experts

John Gregoire


CEO & Master Consultant

Bill Dann

Founder & Consultant

Erin Bellotte


Chris Dykes

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Andrea Garrels

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Senior Consultant & Administrative Support

Douglas Johnson


Founder & Master Consultant

Sue Barker

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Administrative Support

The PGS Team

Since then, the PGS team has continued to refine their already strong organizational development skills, studying and collaborating with renowned organizational theorists such as W. Edwards Deming, Robert Kiyosaki (author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”), Marshall Thurber, Bill Bridges, Ken Blanchard, Ichak Adizes, Gerry Faust and Michael Hammer. The PGS team incorporated knowledge learned from these theorists as well as their own proven successful methods and created their flagship process, Vision Navigation®, a cutting edge, easy-to-use strategic planning tool. They tested the Vision Navigation® process on a wide variety of clients and discovered it worked exceedingly well in helping them identify and achieve their desired and intended outcomes. Since then, in addition to Dynamic Planning® they have developed other organizational process development tools such as Process Advantage®, Governing Board Development, Team Development and Executive Coaching.

Over the last 30+ years, Professional Growth Systems has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing clients with proven, metrics-driven organizational tools and techniques that help facilitate major change and achieve their intended outcomes.

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