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Leadership and Organization

The model of success requires effective leadership, functional systems, and healthy relationships.

PGS has developed products and solutions to support the entire model.

Leadership:  Defining what needs to be done and assuring that it is done.

  • Determines the appropriate products/services, market position/niche, and financial goals
  • Clearly defines the vision, goal, task of a group or individual
  • Enrolls others to accomplish the vision, goal or task
  • Defines the rules by which the organization operates and assures they are followed
  • Assures the external and internal environment is safe for the continuance and expansion of the organization and those who work in it

Executive coaching

The PGS approach “Coaching for Results” focuses on outcomes and accountability.



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Board Development

Organizational success is accelerated by effective Boards and committees. The PGS approach utilizes assessment and training to identify and individual needs and customize our process.


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Succession Planning

Succession Planning is about more than preparing to fill a vacant position or developing future leaders. Done well, Succession Planning insures an organization is prepared for major personnel changes, both planned and unplanned.

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System:  A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex method to produce the results we want.

  • Completeness and efficacy of organizational structure and policy, i.e. structure and rules, support productivity and quality
  • Technology strengthens productivity and quality
  • Effective methods (processes) assure completion and improvement of work/products
  • Employee education processes encourage learning and growth.
  • Management information system enhances decision-making and problem solving
  • Reward/compensation system reinforces strategic direction and productivity/quality
  • Human resource processes effectively train, orient and evaluate employees


Form follows function. Your organization should be simple to understand and effective at getting results. Our process designs organizations that operate smoothly with clear lines of accountability, communication and structure?

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Organizational Metrics

The ability to measure results is key to improving performance and accomplishing goals.



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Relationship:  A condition of being connected or associated with another or others.

  • Leadership works effectively with the Board of Directors, employees, customers and suppliers.  “Every relationship you have is like a bank account.” – Ken Blanchard
  • Group members communicate effectively, i.e. exchange thoughts or ideas without misunderstandings
  • Individuals enjoy working with each other
  • Groups reach agreement and understanding with ease
  • Individuals are willing to help one another, i.e. high level of cooperation
  • Group members actively contribute ideas, problems and solutions
  • Decision-making appropriately delegated

Supervisor training

The 7 Questions method is a simple and effective process to learn and practice.  Our methodology produces effective performance coaches and has improved organizational performance in a variety of environments (public & private sector as well as Large & small business)

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Team Development

we use an experiential approach to learning addresses critical facets of group interaction. Team development can improve performance, increase employment engagement, and accelerate accomplishment.

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As a leader of an organization you may not know exactly what facet of your organization is suboptimal. Allow PGS to complete a discovery process to help you identify opportunities to improve your structure, systems, and organizational relationships.