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Our Discovery process is designed to reveal organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement. The process is simple to execute and is completed at no cost to you. 

The PGS discovery tool combines thirty years of organizational assessment experience into an easy to administer survey that provides you a high level insight into ten key organizational categories. 

The 10 aspects of organizational health the Discovery Assessment analyzes are:

Leadership What is the leadership’s strength in setting the future direction and managing execution?
Structure and Policy Do the defined roles, authorities and procedural rules support efficient and effective operations?
Organizational Environment What does it feel like to work here, i.e. how is the culture?
Strategy Do we have a sound pathway for maintaining and growing market share or stakeholder support?
Competitive Edge How well do we maintain product and service characteristics that outperform our competitors?
Continuous Improvement Do we maintain ongoing efforts to identify and achieve improvement in quality, cost, and service?
Participation How involved are employees in setting direction, identifying and solving problems, and making improvements?
Supervision Are managers adding value to the organization by improving employee performance?
Engagement How committed are employees/members to the purpose, vision, values, and goals of the organization?
Teamwork & Cooperation To what extent do individuals and departments see others as internal customers whose needs must be met, and whose input is valuable?

To start your Discovery Assessment, submit your contact information using our online form.  We will reach out to you to initiate the process and schedule your feedback session.

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