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Chris Dykes comes to PGS after serving  9 years in the US Army, and we are proud to welcome him to the team. Chris completed his Bachelor of Science in Criminology from The College of New Jersey.

In the midst of leading challenging and stressful Special Operations work in the military, Chris emphasized his team’s growth and individual development.  He comments about that work, “I prioritized personal development as well as professional goals to ensure that all members of the team were both effective leaders and well-rounded individuals.” To that end, he motivated and encouraged two of his direct reports to complete their Bachelor’s degrees while simultaneously completing demanding work tasks during operations in both the US and Afghanistan.

His strong focus on development and growth is what attracted Chris to PGS and why we were eager to bring him on board. He says of his time in the military “I found that the most rewarding experiences do not come from promotion, advancement, or awards. They come from cultivating genuine relationships, building effective teams, and striving for improvement every day. Improvement, not perfection…what I find true value in is building strong, trusting relationships and helping people and teams grow, both personally and professionally.”

He is a great addition to our team and will be a strong asset and ally to the organizations he works with.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys hiking, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and the all around adventure that Alaska has to offer.  He enjoys all to those pursuits in the beautiful state of Alaska with his family and three dogs.

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“The Aleutians East Borough has used the PGS strategic planning method for the last 4 years. The process has increased the Borough’s productivity and resulted in overall improvements in team performance and engagement. The PGS Approach has also allowed us to successfully manage substantial multi-year projects efficiently and effectively.”

Anne Bailey
AEB Administrator

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