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Unique needs of Non-Profits

In many areas of the country, the number of non-profits is collapsing as government and other funding is reduced. In short, the non-profit environment is now much more competitive.

We have long held that non-profits need to develop more of a for-profit mentality. Often clients resist this point of view. Our reasoning is simple, in both types of organizations the game is largely the same. That is, the game is won by those who deliver the highest quality and highest value service and experience to their clients. In some cases, the exchange is different, i.e. in the for-profit arena, it is money and in the non-profit arena it is loyalty and political support; but what is needed to win the game is the same.

Our products are designed to bring the highest level of strategy and performance to the non-profit arena.



Non-Profit Strategic Planning: In 2008, PGS began work with the Kenaitze Indian Tribe. The tribe has employed the PGS Vision Navigation® process since that time. From KIT’s CEO: “One of the first values for KIT as an organization: the process aligned the vision of the council with the goals of the administration. It allowed us to really have clarity of priorities and clarity of where we intend to go in the next 15 years. That was the most important thing – everyone became aligned around what we are going to invest our time and effort into.” In the spring of 2014, the Tribe will open its doors on a new health facility, the result of persistence through years of projects in its strategic plans.


In addition, the Tribe employed PGS’ Process Advantage® approach to design its new Medical Home Model being hailed as the most innovative approach to integration of health care services in the state.