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Bill DannFounder

Bill is the founder of Professional Growth Systems, which he established in 1981. He is also author of Creating High Performers, 7 Questions to Ask Your Direct Reports. His commitment both as a consultant and a writer is to enable individuals to achieve their full potential and fulfillment from work, and thereby for organizations to attain a high level of performance. He and partner Doug Johnson developed a suite of tools that have proven themselves over the years to deliver on this commitment.

Following graduate school in business administration, Bill fulfilled his military commitment with two years in Alaska with the Indian Health Service, a branch of the U.S. Public Health Service. He then took the opportunity to establish and build the second of what became a statewide network of Alaska Native health corporations.

It was the experience of building a high quality, high standard organization alongside individuals he respected and cared for, many of whom had no previous work experience, that lit the intellectual fire for Bill. He set out to discover and develop keys to unlocking the potential of individuals and organizations. Dedicated to continuous learning throughout his career, Bill has researched and studied established masters in organizational strategy and improvement to the benefit of the PGS products and tools. The results of relentless pursuit can be seen in his writings and his work with clients.

Over the years, Bill has worked with individual proprietorships, intermediate size businesses and national standard bearers for their respective industries. He values the fact that he has worked for non-profit, for-profit, governmental, and international organizations. That breadth of experience has helped him gain clarity on the universal principles that underlie individual performance and organizational dynamics.

Bill’s commitment, and that of the company he founded, is to affirm that value is added to an organization from every PGS engagement. To insure that is so, PGS’ services include follow-up, assuring that what is learned and committed to is achieved. In Bill’s words, “if our client doesn’t win, we don’t win, and we won’t quit until we make it so”.

When not found writing or working with clients, Bill will likely be either on the golf course or spending time with his family, including two beautiful grandchildren.

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“The Aleutians East Borough has used the PGS strategic planning method for the last 4 years. The process has increased the Borough’s productivity and resulted in overall improvements in team performance and engagement. The PGS Approach has also allowed us to successfully manage substantial multi-year projects efficiently and effectively.”

Anne Bailey
AEB Administrator

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